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Mike Forest

Mr. Forest is responsible for sales, marketing and product management within the Metalworking Division. Mike has primary responsibility for managing the metalworking distributor network.

Mr. Forest began his career in the chemical industry as a field technician for Water Management Services (Southampton, PA) in the commercial water treatment market. Mike spent 18 years with Castrol Industrial (Downers Grove, IL). His metalworking career started in the lab synthesizing additives for Mayco Oil and Chemical (previously owned by Castrol) and providing field technical support for the Metalworking Division. From the lab, Mike went out into the field as a Sales Engineer for Castrol covering the Mid Atlantic region. He then took on two marketing roles. The first was the Program Manager for Opcon, where he developed the marketing program for Castrol’s Oil Reprocessing Business. Mike then became the Senior Product Manager for the Metalworking Division. Mike’s primary responsibility as Senior Product Manager was in the area of Cutting and Grinding Fluids where he was responsible for new product development, pricing and product line strategy. Mike’s career progressed into various management roles including: Automotive Sales Manager and Director of Sales for Eastern US and Canada.

Mr. Forest is a native of Bucks County, PA and studied chemistry at East Stroudsburg University and Holy Family University.