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CUSTOMER NEEDS: General Purpose Cleaning

CUSTOMER TYPE: Aerospace Components 

Customer is a manufacturer of high precision-machined components servicing a variety of customers. They had a goal to improve cleanliness of their facility by introducing the best available cleaning technology. They were using a competitive cleaner and were not achieving their cleanliness standards on floors or exterior of machines. In addition, this product caused foam in the Tennant floor scrubbers and required regular additions of anti-foam.

Customer conducted a “head to head” test with QualiChem CITRUS CUTTER and the competitive product. Personnel took extraordinary efforts to ensure that this trial fairly evaluated both products. This included participation of 19 operators and maintenance personnel in these trials. Both products were tested right next to each other with the participant’s feedback immediately collected.

Mopping Mop and bucket Sections of floor mopped in both products and inspected
Tenant floor scrubber Use in tenant floor scrubbers Sections of floor cleaned with scrubber and inspected
Exterior machine cleaner Spray exterior of machines Exterior of machines cleaned and inspected


Results & Conclusion 

After test data was collected, the CITRUS CUTTER was declared superior cleaning technology, and the plant converted all cleaning stations to CITRUS CUTTER.

  • With the tenant floor scrubbers, the CITRUS CUTTER clearly outperformed tire marks and oils were completely removed with no residue left on the floor. The CITRUS CUTTER eliminated all foam in the recovery tank of the tenant floor scrubber. 
  • Clean fresh smell – the plant overwhelmingly decided the CITRUS CUTTER had a much better aroma than Simple Green. Operators reported they liked the very faint citrus smell much better than the “chemical” smell of the competitive product. 
  • In mopping and machine cleaning, the operators felt the CITRUS CUTTER performed much better with improved cleanliness and odor.