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Case Study - XTREME CUT 250C

CUSTOMER NEED: Replace current product, achieve critical finishes 

  • Clean running / low foaming semi-synthetic
  • The coolant must be able to withstand 500-1,200 psi without foam
  • Must be able to hold up through 1 micron filtration
  • Coolant that is compatible with Indianapolis city water (16 Gr).
  • The coolant will need to be able to emulsify, without problems, with water added to the concentrate
  • Ability to machine a variety of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • The expected dilution ratio 5%

Customer could not find any product that would perform to their expectations with regard to tool life, and surface finish. Customer tested lab tested 14 products and approved 4 for production testing. QualiChem XTREME CUT 250C outperformed every product. 


Surface Finish Improved
Sump Life Longer: 8 weeks to 14 weeks (dumped due to heavy chip load)
Residue Decreased
Waste Decrease
Equipment Downtime Less


  • Material – A380 / A383 Aluminum with 7.5% to 10% Si.
  • Tooling - PCD Tools: face cutters, reamers, and drills greater than 0.25" in diameter
    Carbide: all taps and drills smaller than 0.25" in diameter 
  • Feed Parameters - Drills and Reamers greater than 0.25": Up to 800 SFM at 0.012" per rev 
  • Drills smaller than 0.25": Up to 600 SFM at 0.008" per rev 
  • Face cutters: Up to 8000 SFM at 0.025" per rev 
  • Bore Depths - 
    Depths up to 6" at 0.5" diameter 

SUMMARY: Customer has been able to achieve better surface finishes, longer sump life resulting in less usage and waste, reduced residues with better product stability. This has resulted in a substantial savings.