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Case Study - XTREME CUT 290

Machine shop that specializes in exotic alloys, medical tools Difficult to machine parts 


  • Clean running semi-synthetic
  • Foam Control
  • Hard water stability (16 Gr+) 
  • Operator Friendly
  • Ability to machine / Grind a variety of metals Stainless, “some” carbide 
  • 8-10% concentration
  • Improved sump life over 3 weeks


Issues XTREME CUT 290
Surface Finish Improved
Sump Life Longer (3 weeks to 16 weeks)
Residues Descreased
Waste Decreased
Equipment Downtime Less; customer was experiencin foam, heavy residues, and poor sump life due to hard water instability.


  • Material – Medical Tools, Medical Grade Stainless
  • Operation: Grinding 

SUMMARY: Customer has been able to achieve longer sump life, reduced residues with better product stability.