Laboratory Scientist in the lab
Chemicals in a centrifuge
Scientist doing a titration
Chemist mixing chemicals
Chemist placing chemical in spectral analysis machine
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We offer comprehensive technical support for our product lines with fluid experts, either on-site with service engineers or from our state-of-the-art laboratory; all coupled with local stocking and delivery from the premier distribution network in the industry.

QualiChem provides customized laboratory support services to enhance your quality control processes, investigate solutions to complex issues and increase product performance.

Protecting Your Investment

Proper fluid management is critical to protect your fluid investment. Lack of control increases usage rates, disposal costs, labor and downtime. QualiChem offers laboratory services to monitor systems and ensure optimal performance.

Analytical Trend Analysis (ATA)

Routine samples are pulled on a predetermined schedule and sent to QualiChem. QualiChem runs a battery of tests and documents the results. ATA reports generate trend analysis to ensure fluids run within normal operating parameters. With the scrutiny provided by an ATA, unplanned production losses and system pump outs are minimized.

Laboratory Service Request (LSR)

Non-routine samples are analyzed at the QualiChem Lab to assist in troubleshooting or to determine the right QualiChem product for your application.