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XTREME CUT 731 - Case Study

Customer: High Precision Job Shop
Customer Need: Reduce Cost, Improve Quality

This customer is a job shop which specializes in CNC Precision Turned Components. This company services both Microwave and Electronic Industries. Material mix includes 90% copper and brass, and approximately 10% steel.


Coolant Cost 30% Less
Coolant Consumption 14 Drums per year
Part Cleanliness Improved
Machine Cleanliness Improved
Part Quality Improved

Summary: The XTREME CUT 731 is specifically formulated to provide maximum cutting performance on copper and brass. 

XTREME CUT 731 has a lower viscosity which allows for better flow and penetration to the point of cut versus most traditional cutting oils, which helpes improve the customer’s part quality. The low viscosity also resulted in less oil being “carried out” on parts and chips which significantly lowered product consumption resulting in a lower cost.

In short, this customer was able to meet their goals to reduce unit cost while also improving machining performance by introducing the XTREME CUT 731 to their operation.