QualiChem subscribes to the principles of Product Stewardship.  Human and Environmental Safety is our foremost objective during the research, development and manufacturing of our products.  QualiChem’s drive to deliver high performance is equaled only by our commitment to health, safety and environmental responsibility.

QualiChem’s product labeling and safety data sheets meet the requirements of the countries where we do business.  QualiChem will fully comply with the new GHS regulations adopted by US OSHA and other regulatory agencies in other countries as those regulations are implemented.   

Working with H2 Compliance, our Only Representative, QualiChem complies with REACH, the European initiative to Register, Evaluate, Authorized and restrict Chemicals.  We support the principles of REACH as they are in line with our corporate policies for the safe and responsible production, use, and handling of all of our products.


QualiChem complies with all relevant environmental legislation concerning manufacture, distribution, and use of our products.  Our production facility is designed with industry best practices to minimize our impact on the environment, including minimization of rinse water, no discharge to the local treatment facility, and training of our employees, visitors, and contractors to prevent environmental discharges.