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In 1989, QualiChem was established with the core business focus to provide only private label water treatment products and technical support to regional water treaters in the southeast. Today, QualiChem formulates, manufactures, and ships products to private label water treatment partners across North America and overseas. We continue to refine our services to provide the necessary tools to our existing water treatment partners to assure they remain competitive in today's marketplace. Additionally, QualiChem still provides an avenue for the development of new businesses by experienced water treaters looking for new and expanded opportunities outside of traditional, large corporate environments.

Since moving to our current Salem, VA location in 1994, QualiChem’s Salem, VA and Verdi, NV based manufacturing facilities will continue to, expand and upgrade to meet the growing needs of our distributor-based customers and prospects.

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QualiChem Offices and Manufacturing Building

Our current Salem, VA facility combines manufacturing, laboratory, and office space, and includes a 45 seat training center. For technical and sales support, the QualiChem team has over 125 years of direct experience in the development and field application of water treatment chemicals to the industrial and commercial boiler and cooling marketplace.

QualiChem laboratory

QualiChem’s Analytical, Quality Control and Product Development laboratories support our customers’ needs in these areas for product quality, product development and field analytical support. Our laboratory group works closely with our manufacturing staff and sales team to ensure the customers’ needs are met. The lab is also working to expand capabilities to better meet current requirements in these areas as well as future projections.

QualiChem Manufacturing Plant Floor

The QualiChem team continues to deliver chemical solutions to an expanding group of water treatment partners throughout North America at highly competitive prices. We stand behind our partners to deliver a competitive product utilizing our excellent raw material supplier relationships, efficient manufacturing methods and highly competitive freight rates.